Soulforce Mother's Circle

Currently we are offering regular circles and retreats. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Background for the MOTHER's CIRCLE: 

An ancient Native American prophecy about the 7th generation states that youth will rise first in the healing of the world. After the youth rise, mothers will rise next. Perhaps this is because we mothers live in our hearts & are deeply invested in the future we are leaving our children. We mothers give so much of ourselves for our children. Yet we exist in a society that often devalues motherhood, leaves us isolated, and provides very few structural resources for support. We seek to create a space for moms to feel empowered about making change in the world, beginning with ourselves first and then rippling outward.

Our Soulforce Youth have also continuously asked us to work with the parents.

Artist: Kyla Krug-Meadows (@wordbaskets)

Artist: Kyla Krug-Meadows (@wordbaskets)

If you have the following interests, read on....

  • You want to incorporate more kindness, spirituality, love, or stillness into your life. 

  • You are interested in being apart a diverse sisterhood and authentic friendship circle 

  • You are willing to take on a small love-in-action tiny project in your home or school & share your reflections  


Dear Mothers,

Please stay tuned to hear about upcoming retreats and gatherings for mothers.   You will identify a small love-in-action tiny project you may want to work on and set some intentions for self-care. 

Structure of our offering:  We begin with an intensive 1-2 day retreat.  We follow up with 6 weekly video calls to integrate these principles into our lives, and do some planning around how to take tiny actions to implement our love-in-action tiny project.   We will have a theme & some seed questions that will help you reflect on both your inner & outer work.   How big or small your love-in-action project doesn't matter.    Maybe it's a school event, or how you have meals with your children, or something related to justice and movement building in the world (#me too movement etc), but it will be the integration of the feeling and values you learn in the circle.   

The group will be small 6-8 women.  

Logistics for the Circle 

  • The group must be diverse

  • This is part of a pilot to learn how to integrate soulforce practices into working with parents. This class will be offered for free to the community as an offering from our heart and an idea supported by local community members. You may also choose to pay it forward for future mother's circles, if you want to see more circles like this in the future after your experience is over.

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For some inspiration, check out collective power of grandmothers or learn about the Sophia Century and the role of women-led movements read about healing the mother's wound

“As mothers unite and the sisterhood is re-established, families can grow closer, communities will regain their identity, and our society could regain its strength and meaning.”
— -Dr. Serrallach