Disruptive Kindness


Disruptive Kindness is a  Soulforce event usually held at the park by the Mountain View Library on most Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30pm. Please check our facebook page to find out details about the upcoming session (search for Disruptive Kindness by Soulforce Leadership)






  • Individualism and the Silicon Valley's hectic pace of life is creating more and more separation and disconnection from ourselves, other beings, and our planet. 
  • We need to build compassionate and resilient communities to face the challenges of our times, including loneliness, mental health issues, the housing shortage, etc... 


  • By challenging and disrupting the transactional ways in which we usually interact with each other and our environment, by reconnecting with our inherent need for connection, community, and compassion, by choosing love over fear, and by modeling for our children. 

What do we do?

  • We engage in acts of kindness in a public space and invite people of all ages to do the same by joining us in making gifts and offering them to strangers and friends alike.
  • We encourage and support each other in seeing the inherent goodness in our hearts and in others. 

Here are some blog posts about the ripples of change that have occurred from participating in some kindness: 

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-Lessons from a 5-year old Kindness Master

-Disruptive Kindness at the Dentist Office

No kind action ever stops with itself. ...
— -Amelia Earheart